About Bertie Beetle

Everybody loves Bertie Beetle. Let's look back at the making of an icon.

Since his birth at the 1963 Royal Easter Show, Bertie Beetle has become an institution. Show goers young and old cannot leave the Show each year without taking him home.

Bertie Beetle was first formulated from the factory of Hoadley’s Chocolate in Melbourne in the early 1960’s. Bertie Beetle was devised as a means of utilising the unused shards of honeycomb from the production of Violet Crumble. You could say that Violet Crumble was Bertie’s Father.

Bertie first appeared as part of the Hoadley’s Chocolate Showbag in 1963 alongside Violet Crumble and Polly Waffle.

This was back in the day when there were 30 odd showbags available, not the 400 you can choose from today. It took a few years before the little guy broke through but in 1972 he did it – a new look Bertie Beetle finally had his own Showbag. From here, there was no turning back.

Decades have passed and the legend of Bertie has continued to grow. Today there are 6 different Bertie Beetle Showbags available at the Royal Shows and 2017 marks the year Bertie Beetle goes digital, yep - you can now buy Bertie Beetle online. Bertie fans rejoice!