• Australian Women's Weekly Showbag

Australian Women's Weekly Showbag

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Brought to you by Australia’s most iconic and trusted woman’s magazine; The Australian Women’s Weekly Showbag is one of our classics. Choc full of the best women's mags and a selection of food, household and beauty samples, the AWW Showbag is amazing value!


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Australian Women's Weekly Showbag Contents:


Australian Women's Weekly Tote Bag

Australian Women's Weekly Magazine

Good Health Magazine

SHOT 1 SUP™ (50mL vial)

Garnier Pure Active Gel Wash Sachets

Eloments Tea Sample Pack

Ocean Spray Craisins Low Sugar 30g

Eclipse Peppermint Mints 3 Pack 51g 

Red Bull Edition 250ml

Kellogg's LCMs Poppers Chocolatey 100g

TABASCO Sauce 3.7ml

Chang's Ribbon Super Lo-Cal Noodles 390g

Arnold's Farm Snack Bar

Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Oyster Sauce 45g

Kewpie Mayonnaise Sriracha Flavour 20g

Seasol 45ml

Vileda Wettex Dry 3 Pack

Oates Microfibre Cloth 3 Pack

Nivea Q10 Power or Cellular Sheet Mask

Dilmah INFUSIONS 4 Pack

Australia's Own Whipping Cream UHT 200ml

Fairy Platinum Easy - Lemon Dishwashing Spray 300ml

Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon Dishwashing Tablets 15 pack

Fisherman’s Friend 99% Sugar Free Freshmints 25g

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