• 101.7 WSFM <br>Jonesy & Amanda's <br>Jam Bag
  • 101.7 WSFM <br>Jonesy & Amanda's <br>Jam Bag
  • 101.7 WSFM <br>Jonesy & Amanda's <br>Jam Bag
  • 101.7 WSFM <br>Jonesy & Amanda's <br>Jam Bag
  • 101.7 WSFM <br>Jonesy & Amanda's <br>Jam Bag

101.7 WSFM
Jonesy & Amanda's
Jam Bag

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Price : 2000 AUD

The 101.7 WSFM showbag is no different to the station itself - a perfect combo of personality and relatable content. This showbag is full of pure gold (not literally but you get what we mean)...


Jonesy and Amanda's JAM Bag Contents:

WSFM Canvas Duffle Bag


WSFM Jonesy & Amanda Yoyo

WSFM Jonesy & Amanda Car Window Sticker

Metis Daily Solution Invigorate Body Wash 50ml

Red Bull Editions 250ml

Extra White Soft Chew Spearmint 22g

Eclipse Peppermint Mints 3 Pack 51g

Ryvita THINS Cheddar & Cracked Black Pepper Flatbreads 125g

Kellogg's LCMs Poppers Chocolatey 100g

Go Natural Lentil & Chickpea Probiotic Chips 100g

Arnold's Farm Snack Bar

Kellogg's Sultana Bran Buds 30g

Bay Vista Dessert Bar and Café Voucher. Subject to availability. Valid until 30th November 2020


Showbag Price: $20

Retail Value: $118



The Showbag Shop is a small business and we are devastated the Easter Show isn't going ahead in 2020. We invest in and plan our showbags more than 12 months in advance. While this is a big blow for our small business, we understand the health of Australians is the most important thing.

We are working hard on having as many of our showbag brands available for sale online so you may experience small delays at this time while we are preparing the stock and dispatching high volumes. We are so grateful for your support at this time and would so appreciate you sharing our online shop with your friends and family to spread the word our showbags are available!