• The BIG Nestle Family Deal

The BIG Nestle Family Deal

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Showbag Contents:

Junior Kit Kat Showbag: 1 x Kit Kat 4 Finger Double Cookies and Cream 45g, 5 x Mini Kit Kat 17g, 3 x Bertie Beetle 10g

Junior Smarties Showbag: 4 x Mini Smarties 11g, 2 x Bertie Beetle 10g, 1 x Smarties Carton 50g

Junior Redskins Showbag: 19 x Allen's Redskin Stick 11g, 4 x Allen's Milko Sticks 11.5g

1 x Bertie Beetle Red Showbags: 3 x Bertie Beetle 10g, 2 x Allens Ball Pops 7.5g

1 x Bertie Beetle Gold Showbags: 5 x Bertie Beetle 10g, 3 x Allens Ball Pops 7.5g

Allen's Lollipops Showbag: 35 x Allen's Ball Pops 7.5g

Total Value: $33.00 - 6 showbags for $20!