• The BIG Nestle Family Deal

The BIG Nestle Family Deal

Our price: 2000 AUD

YEP! This family sized bundle contains six showbags of your favourite brands.


Showbag Contents -

Bertie Beetle Gold containing 6 x Bertie Beetle 10g, 1 x Kit Kat 17g, 1 x Red Ripperz 11g

Red Ripperz Showbag containing x 19 Red Ripperz 11g

Bertie Beetle Blue Showbag containing x 4 Bertie Beetle 10g & x 3 Red Ripperz 11g

Kit Kat Showbag containing x 10 Kit Kat 17g

Smarties Showbag containing x 11 Smarties 11g

Aero Showbag containing 1 x Aero Milk Chocolate Bar 40g, 1 x Aero Peppermint Bar 40g, 5 x Bertie Beetle 10g


 Total Retail Value: $34.25